A new Smash MAGA! Trump Zombie Apocalypse will be released on the upcoming anniversary of the January 6 attempted right-wing coup.

In contemptful observance of this fateful date, we are throwing a Smash MAGA! Multiplayer Tournament Launch party. Join us as we collectively take on the fascists as they storm the capitol! We’ll also be hosting an Antifascist Capture the Flag Laser Tag tournament!

In addition to multiplayer and couch co-op features, this update introduces a new level – MarS-A-Lago – where you finally confront the Trump Virus himself. All the sinister architects of the zombie insurrection have been escaping accountability by hiding out in the MAGA-infested Floridian hellscape – until now.

This new version of Smash MAGA! will be released on the Steam gaming platform. Please check out our Steam page and wishlist – and see you on January 6!

Smash MAGA! is currently available to play for free on all operating systems and mobile devices. Please live-stream / post about it using the hashtag #SmashMAGA on Jan 6!

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