Smash MAGA! Trump Zombie Apocalypse: Defend The Forest / Civil War v1.2.1 is available to play for free on the following platforms:

  • Steam
    Play Smash MAGA! on the Steam Gaming Platform, available on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Smash MAGA! on Steam also allows their Remote Play together feature (in addition to regular local multiplayer and official multiplayer servers)
  • Linux, Mac OS and Windows
    You can play Smash MAGA! on your computer by downloading the game files here: Linux (smashmaga.1.2.1.tar.gz), Windows (, Mac OS (smashmaga.1.2.1.dmg) (Note: you may get notices about invalid certificates, unknown developers, or programs downloaded off the internet: it is safe to ignore these notices)
  • Android
    For Samsung users, Smash MAGA! is available to play via the Galaxy Store. Although Google has unfortunately banned Smash MAGA! from Google Play, there are other ways to play the game on your Android phone. You can manually download and install our APK file (Note: you may need to go into Settings or Security and enable ‘Install Unknown Apps’)
  • iPhone/iPad
    Although Apple has unfortunately banned Smash MAGA! from the App Store, there are still a number of ways you can play Smash MAGA! on your iOS device. Smash MAGA! is available on three major alternative app stores: including Signulous, Buildstore and appdb. These are commercial services that make it easy to install apps to your iPhone outside of the official App Store. There are also other free ways to install our game either by sideloading using AltStore or AppCake or by jailbreaking your device and using software such as Sileo. However you do it, all you will need is our game’s IPA file, which you can download here.
    Smash MAGA! is also available on the indie gaming platform. Check us out!