We are pleased to announce the release of our game Smash MAGA! Trump Zombie Apocalypse!

Smash MAGA! is a politically-charged loot-and-riot action adventure game where you fight hordes of brainwashed right-wing extremists who have become infected with the Trump Zombie Plague. Fight the fascist disease at vaccination sites, counter-protests, autonomous zones, and more! Smash MAGA! is the first video game that features the January 6 right-wing coup attempt – confront frenzied fake-news-fed fascists as they storm the Capitol!

Smash MAGA! is free to play and available on all major operating systems including Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Android, and iOS. We are also on the itch.io gaming platform, the Samsung Galaxy Store, and APKPure.

We are also releasing the soundtrack to the game for free on Bandcamp and are selling a limited run of cassettes and game pamphlets for ten dollars (the proceeds going to support BLM and antifascist causes)

Our game has met censorship from all major app platforms, having been banned from Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, and Steam, in addition to our initial Twitter account being restricted. The official reasoning has ranged from “inappropriate political content”(Huawei), “political violence”(Google), “copyright infringement”(Steam), to “offensive references to targeted groups such as MAGA”(Apple). We refute these justifications as overly broad and restrictive interpretations of the law and their own terms of service agreements. We have appealed these rejections and publicly deconstructed their bogus arguments in a series of articles posted to our website.

These suppressions demonstrate hypocritical double standards as to what these giants consider to be acceptable in the gaming industry: they will reject anything they deem “political” (especially left-leaning), but will accept any amount of indiscriminate GTA-style violence or state-sanctioned political violence like Call of Duty and other games that glorify the military and police.

Furthermore, one of the game’s developers, Jeremy Hammond, who is on federal probation after having been released from prison for computer hacking charges, is now facing a possible probation violation due to the development and release of this game. Jeremy’s probation officer is seeking clarification from federal court as to whether “antifa” is considered a “civil disobedience organization” and whether the release of Smash MAGA would be a violation of his special release conditions that prohibit “involvement or contact with civil disobedience organizations”.

Although Trump demonized antifascists and attempted to label them as “domestic terrorists”, the importance of taking action against the rise of fascism has become abundantly clear. We are living through a dark-age of heightened white-supremacist ultra-right wing violent extremism that was incited by Trump, but had always been present and systemic in the imperialist colonial project of America. Smash MAGA! is both social commentary and a call to action, challenging players to reflect on the true gravity of this moment in history.

We oppose these reactionary arguments that both reject political games and vilify antifascism. We must Smash MAGA!

We invite gamers and streamers to play Smash MAGA! and offer their opinions on whether this is a game that should be banned. Please use the hashtags #SmashMaga #SmashMagaGame  #SmashMagaBan #PlaySmashMaga

Smash MAGA! was developed by twins Jeremy Hammond and Jason Hammond using the Godot Engine and is released under the MIT License.

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