Although we have been banned by all the major app stores including Apple’s App Store and Google Play, we have still been able to make our game available to play on all major mobile devices through alternative app stores.

  • Signulous – this commercial service costs $20 a year and easily allows you to sign and install any app to your phone from their extensive app library or any IPA file of your choosing. Most importantly, you can do this from your iPhone without needing to connect it to a computer or jailbreaking.
  • BuildStore – this is another service that allows you to download and install apps from their library or any IPA file of your choosing to your iPhone. $20 / month
  • appdb – this community-run alternative app library has a huge database of apps you can install to your iPhone. You can download and install any app on their database for free using Rickpactor, but they also offer a pro version for €22 a year.

These services make it really easy for iPhone users to download and install our game (as well as thousands of other apps that are not available on the “official” app stores, including game console emulators and unlocked, pro, and + versions of major apps). But you don’t necessarily need to use any of of these services: you can also just download our IPA file and install it to your iPhone using AltStore or AppCake.

Android users can always just download and install the game’s APK file manually.

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