After submitting our game Smash MAGA! Trump Zombie Apocalypse to the Huawei AppGallery, we have been notified that our game was rejected.

The stated reason for the rejection was “your App contains inappropriate politically contents”. However, nowhere in the App Review Guidelines does it mention any restriction on political content or give any indication as to what they would consider “inappropriate”.

Huawei cited App Review Guidelines 4.7 which prohibits “content that propagates cults and/or feudal superstition or is offensive to a religious or racial group, sexual orientation, gender, or other group to which individuals self-identify”. As examples, they provided screenshots of our title screen and of our introduction montage.

We understand the need to prevent hate-speech, bigotry, and other legitimate forms of discrimination, which is why it is puzzling that Huawei would consider the zombified right-wing extremists depicted in our game a part of these targeted groups. It is insulting and false to equate historically oppressed groups that regularly experience horrific hate crimes to groups such as MAGA who hold power and privilege in the US, have never experienced any form of discrimination, have always positioned themselves against what they see as “political correctness”, and have themselves been the major perpetrators of such hate crimes.

We have appealed this rejection and will continue to work to bring Smash MAGA! To Huawei users around the world.

Smash MAGA! has previously been banned from Apple’s App Store, Google Play, and Steam game platforms. However, the game is free to download and play on all major operating systems from our website.


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