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Defend The Forest – The newest level of Smash MAGA!

“If You Build It, We Will Burn It!”

Their fascist ecocidal ambitions now laid bare, establishment forces seek to build Cop City, the largest police “training center” in the country, situated on top of the largest forest within an urban area. This pig playground has plans to include weapons and explosives testing, a mock city in which to simulate battles with resistant civilians, and would train cops from departments across the nation (‘outside agitators’). Cop City is the end-game of late stage capitalism: their response to the glaring contradictions and growing unrest is to drop the veneer of democracy and double down on the repression, culminating in these militarized cop city feudal empires to maintain their racist classist status quo well into an apocalyptic climate collapsed dystopian future.

This vision could not be more clearly demonstrated by the overwhelming repression of those fighting to defend the forest, including the murder of our comrade Tortuguita and the bogus arrests of over 45 protesters who are now facing draconian “domestic terror” charges. But despite mass repression, the movement continues to grow and evolve: using an ecosystem of tactics, forest defenders have made serious setbacks to the Cop City project. The future is unwritten: our collective survival will be determined by those willing to fight. Defend the Earth by any means necessary! Abolish the police and Stop Cop City!

For this level, we introduce a few new elements to the classic Smash MAGA! Riot and Rally arcade action!

Earth-Rippers – these clear-cutting deforesters are modeled after the land-rippers of Lutzerath. They have one goal – kill all trees! A few bricks or molotovs will take out these anti-life tech monstrosities.

B3 Bombers – Thanks to bipartisan imperialism, the state is now in possession of a fleet of billion-dollar drone-operated nuclear stealth bombers, and utilizing them in targeted operations against the protesters. If you see signs of an impending drone strike, RUN!

Tree-Sitters – Comrades are occupying the trees and giving themselves a vantage point in which to best resist the encroaching police menace! Hidden all over the forest, land defenders are at the forefront of struggle for climate revolution!

Defend The Forest is an antifascist action-packed rally-and-riot crowd-brawling tower-defense experience that can only be matched by going out and participating in real-world struggles against environmental encroachment. Stop Cop City Everywhere! Check these collectives and websites for more info on the Stop Cop City movement, find comrades in your area, and get active!

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